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Beyond the Clouds
Rick Ford

Her Daddy didn't like him, said he wasn't good enough,
Maybe it's the clothes he wore, made him look too rough
Didn't have much money, but he had a heart of gold
And he swore he'd love Annie, till the day he left this world

'We don't want you inside this house,' were the words her Daddy said
'You'll go and wait out in the barn, I swear you'll not be wed'
For thirty years he courted her and their love grew deep and strong
'If I can't marry you,' she said, 'I'll not marry anyone.'

One dark December evening, they heard a dreadful scream
She'd gone out to meet him, found him hanging from a beam
Her father lasted six more months, before he too passed away
She cried 'If only Jimmy'd waited, we'd be man and wife today.'

I'll wait for you beyond the clouds

He whispered as he died
Then we'll be together
And at last you'll be my bride

And though she lived for thirty years after Jimmy died
She never married anyone, though many a good man tried
She said 'I've kept myself for him this long, I'll wait a few more years
I carry him inside my heart, and our time is drawing near.'

And when at last she passed away, there was a smile upon her face
In her hand they found a crumpled note that said

I'll wait for you beyond the clouds
So Annie dry your eyes
'Cos then we'll be together
And at last you'll be my bride

NOTES. A true love story, told to me by a friend about his father's great aunt who was born in North Staffordshire in the 1900s.

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