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'A blend of Tolkien and Watership Down unfolded in masterly style. Ford not only writes superbly, his intimate knowledge of animals and the countryside shines through every page. a sensitive, exciting and engrossing novel which puts the author among the first rank of contemporary English novelists.' Manchester Evening News.

'Comparisons between Ford's first novel and Watership Down, as well as with the fantasies of Tolkien are inevitable. But this enchanting fable stands as a creation even more pertinent to our times than those honoured works. the author's artistry has created a parable for our time.' Publisher's Weekly.

'A remarkable and compelling story with massive dimensions which combines great lyrical charm with universality and timelessness. profoundly moving.' B.B.C. World Service.

'An unforgettable tale enchantingly told.' Yorkshire Evening Post.

'For readers who have never outgrown their sense of wonder. an enchanting novel. fast-paced, colourful and whimsical. skilfully crafted.' The Kansas City Star.

'Ford writes of the sea, the mountains and the forest as only one who is mesmerized by them can.' The Indianapolis News.

'Engrossing. Ford has an encyclopaedic knowledge of how animals live and act.' The Philadelphia Inquirer.

'Evokes a genuine sense of wildlife. combines the qualities of good storytelling with a sweeping condemnation of human exploitation of animals and the environment.'Booklist.

'One of those rare books which I will always treasure to read and re-read by myself, my children and my children's children.' Staffordshire Evening Sentinel.

'Melvaig's Vision finds Richard Ford in spellbinding form.' Wiltshire Evening Advertiser.

'His writings are a powerful study of all that is good and evil in mankind. But he brings to them an air of adventure and excitement which makes them hard to put down. A work of hope. Like the works of Tolkien, the 'Faradawn Trilogy' is more, much more than just a fairy story.' Staffordshire Evening Sentinel.

'A gem of a book that deserves an old-fashioned description: enchanting. Fresno Bee (California)

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Quest for the Faradawn. Also published in America, Japan, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Melvaig's Vision. Also published in Germany. Entered for the Booker prize.

Children of Ashgaroth. Entered Sunday Times bestseller list at number 8.

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