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Far side of Heaven
Rick Ford

I'll never know why,
You set your soul free
You're on the far side of heaven
And you're a long way from me

I can still see your shadow
Walking down through the trees
I can still hear your laughter
Coming in on the breeze
I can still see your face
In the moonlight on the pond
Never knew how much I loved you, until you were gone
Can't say how I miss you, except in this song

Long nights in the kitchen
Home made wine and whisky
How we raised the rafters
When we sang Stand by Me
Stand by me, Stand by me
Now the land has gone dark
Now you sing with the angels, and we're so far apart
Now you sing with the angels, hope you're happy at last

Days on the beach,
You, Alex and me,
You called us your boys,
As we ran in the sea
Your smile was like sunshine
Hair like sun-kissed hay
Oh God how I miss you, now you've gone away
If you were only here now, we'd have so much to say

Watched you dance with the raindrops
Saw you fly with the stars
Saw you shine like a moonbeam
And light up people's hearts
But when the demons descended,
You were no longer ours
And when you stole yourself from us, you broke our hearts
Oh God how I miss you, now we're apart.


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