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Mystical Dream
Rick Ford

I felt a hand on my shoulder and when I looked over this dark haired beauty was there
She said 単lease would you help I think I知 lost and I知 going nowhere,
I知 looking for something I can vaguely remember from back in my past
And if you refuse I値l just say I知 confused and that I知 sorry I asked.

She looked like a waitress in her tight fitting red dress and a flower in her hair
She was lush and curvaceous and I tried to be gracious and tried not to stare
I said 選 have to confess I can稚 promise success, she said 糎e値l give it a try,
You look like the kind if man that I can trust, I said 塑ou池e being too kind.

There was moonlight and roses in what I supposed was a mystical dream
We heard a wild marching band she took my hand started dancing with me

She said 閃y name is Havannah but you can call just call me Hannah that痴 what I am to my friends,
Some say it痴 my story I致e got no history but I知 making amends,
I said 選壇 like to think it wasn稚 only the drink that drew you to me,
She said 選 don稚 think so but tequila痴 a killer so there痴 no guarantee.

She said 銑et痴 go to the mountains, and I wondered how this journey would end
When we were caught in a storm I warmed her body with only but only as friends
We spoke in rhyme for most of the time it just seemed easier that way
And poetry seemed the best way of saying what we wanted to say.

There was moonlight and roses in what I supposed was a mystical dream
And it may be imaginary but she had the saddest eyes I致e ever seen

We travelled to Yerevan she said I was the man she壇 been looking for
塑ou may think I知 crazy but I know we致e been lovers in a lifetime before,
I said 船on稚 get me confused I知 just getting used to you being here with me,
Tell me were we together for ever and ever or was it just a fling.

By the old caravanserai she took her hand in mine and gave me a kiss
She said 舛lose your eyes I致e got a surprise are you ready for this,
I stood there waiting, anticipating what the future would be
And when I looked around all I saw was the sight of her smiling at me

And the night was alive from the stars in her eyes and the warmth of her smile
She said 選 think I love you, I said 船on稚 be hasty we could wait for a while,
She said 禅ime痴 not on our side, I want you tonight will you lie here with me,
And in the morning she was gone like she壇 never been born 祖ept in my memory

There was moonlight and roses in what I supposed was a mystical dream
And it may be fantasy but I believe she痴 still here with me.

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