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RICK FORD ≈ Lyrics

Rick Ford

I知 out of step, I知 out of line
I致e lost the words to make the rhyme
I致e got an ailment , I致e got a tic
I知 so contagious, I値l make you sick
I知 like the hunchback of Notre Dame
I think we池e playing a different game
In a world gone wrong

You think I知 black, I think I知 white
You think I知 wrong, I know I知 right
You honk your horn curse and swear
But you池e not getting anywhere
You mouth the words, blow me a kiss
But I can hear, the serpent痴 hiss
In a world gone wrong

You池e not like me I知 not like you
You池e telling lies as if they池e truths
You tell me that, you think I知 shallow
But you池e in love, with your shadow
You致e got me wrong, I知 not like that
I知 just a humble aristocrat
In a world gone wrong

You shouldn稚 treat me the way you do
You beat me till I知 black and blue
The things you buy, the stuff you eat,
I just don稚 get it, you致e got me beat
But you致e got manners, I値l give you that
Good manners for an alley cat
In a world gone wrong

Americana Music, Rick Ford, Songwriter, Smoke and Mirrors, Americana style, Staffordshire, UK.
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