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RICK FORD ≈ Lyrics

Rick Ford

Lately I been thinking, Ďbout the way things might have been
If Iíd not met you, girl, and sheíd not met him
I canít imagine life without you, itís a mystery to me
The way that life hangs by a thread, and serendipity

You may live in a gilded cage or be a beggar on the street
You might wear a crown of thorns like the man from Galilee
Iíve spent many a long night wondering, why youíre you and Iím me
All comes down to a twist of fate and serendipity

We just play with the cards weíre dealt
Could be an Ace, could be a three
All comes down the dealer, and serendipity

Hey Hey Methuselah, will you be a friend to me
I donít want no aches and pains, no messed up memory
And Hey Hey old Father Time donít look at me that way
Maybe Iíll fool ya, and live forever and a day

Ainít no love song sweeter, than the blackbirdís in the tree
Ainít no painting finer, than the sunset on the sea
And there ainít no diamond shines as bright as the smile you give to me
So Iíll just thank my lucky stars and serendipity

Americana Music, Rick Ford, Songwriter, Smoke and Mirrors, Americana style, Staffordshire, UK.
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