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RICK FORD ≈ Lyrics

Rick Ford

When l I worked in the mines
My future had a heart
But when they closed Hem Heath down
Everything just fell apart
And with the pot banks closing down
Jobs were hard to find
All the work went off to China
And we were left behind
And then I met Michelle
She was pretty she was sweet
When she gave birth to little Danny
My life was complete

But Michelle soon grew restless
Wanted a better life
Then she met a fancy lawyer
And he made her his wife
And when she took little Danny
I thought my heart would break
Said I could see him just at weekends
Once a month and dont be late
I met a man one night
Said Ive got the job for you
Youll make more than you can ever spend
Smuggling cocaine from Peru

Just one step, and Id be through
Then Id be home, to be with you
I know its wrong, but what can I do
I love you so

Well Id done coke a few times
So I couldnt see the harm
And to get my little Danny back
Id have cut off my right arm

So I flew off to Lima
Where Is picked up by a man
Who drove me up into the mountains
Just the way wed planned
Paid the money, made the deal
Put the coke inside my case
Under a false lining
Id been told theyd never trace

Now the check in girl is smiling
Passport and ticket Sir
My mouth was dry, my body shook
My mind was in a whirl

Just one more step and Ill be through
Then Ill be home to be with you
I know what Im doings wrong
But what can I do I love you so

And then I heard a voice behind
Sir can I check your baggage please
And when I saw the sniffer dog
My guts fell to my knees

The judge gave me twenty years
As far as I could tell
And when they took me to the prison
I thought Id died and gone to hell
Its been four long years now
I dont think Ill make it through
And as I lie here in this prison cell
All I think about is you

Just four when I last saw you
Now youll be nearly eight
I hope your schoolworks going well
And youve got lots of mates
Be good to your mother
And treat her with respect
I wonder if youd know me
If we ever met

Just one more step
Id have been through
Id have been home
To be with you
I know what I dids wrong
But what could I do
I love you so

Americana Music, Rick Ford, Songwriter, Smoke and Mirrors, Americana style, Staffordshire, UK.
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