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Reflections of Madonna
Rick Ford

I see reflections of Madonna,
On my TV screen
In the faces of the homeless
With no place to lay their dream
And in visions of the hungry
With their children by their side
'Cos there's no promise of tomorrow
In their haunted frightened eyes

Nothing's moving in the mountains
Nobody's working in the fields
Angels crying from the rooftops
Devils dancing in the street
All the birds are flying home now
Through a storm-cracked winter light
And I see reflections of Madonna
In the cathedrals of the sky

I see a crazy crippled fighter
Howling naked at the wind
'Give me remission from my drinking
And absolution for my sins.'
And as he cries out for salvation
Locked up and tortured by his fears
I see reflections of Madonna
In the mirror of his tears

I hide in shadows in the sunshine
I ride on moonbeams in the night
My comrades have gone before me
They've taken part in their last fight
And my body's growing weary
Now that I'm finally alone
And I see reflections of Madonna
As she finally calls me home

Americana Music, Rick Ford, Songwriter, Smoke and Mirrors, Americana style, Staffordshire, UK.
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