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Smoke and Mirrors
Rick Ford

I saw a man shooting at molehills
Just a crazy mountain man
And as the earth blew up around him
He said 'It's time to make a stand.'

I watched a man tilting at windmills
Thought he was cleverer than he was
And when I asked him for a reason
He answered wryly 'Just because.'

I'm running hard against a headwind
Wind and rain against my face
But I feel I'm going backwards
Towards the ending of the race

In a world of smoke and mirrors
Nothing's ever what it seems
Some people say just live your life
Others say go live your dreams

And I'm still chasing after rainbows
Searching for that pot of gold
I see angels in the back streets
I find diamonds in the coal

And I swear to God I'd get religion
If I thought it wasn't full of lies
Oh but I know that I saw Jesus
Looking out from my dog's eyes

Well you can have me if you want me
We're only staying for a while
You know I love to make you happy
You know I love to see you smile

I'm still balanced on a high wire
Fall off every now and then
But I've learnt the secret of survival
is just to take it on the chin

I drink whisky when I want to
Get a little stoned when I can
It's not big funny or clever
But it makes me a happy man

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