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Whispers and Screams
Rick Ford

Whispers and screams, and impossible dreams
Lie waiting behind every wall
You'll never know why you started to cry
When the first snow started to fall

And when the valley was kissed, by the first autumn mist
And your teardrops started to flow
The memories rushed in and made your head spin
With thoughts from a long time ago

Redemption is waiting, it's anticipating
The next move your footsteps will make
And the stars in the sky match the gleam in your eye
As you wrestle in vain with your fate

Mr Badger take heed, you're a hero indeed
As you lurk in the wild woods of fame
Mr Moley take note, in your black velvet coat
Of the millions who treasure your name

Madness is near, it's the thing you most fear
As the world starts to stop making sense
It's a raggedy time for a raggedy rhyme
To conjure up lost innocence

And the moons where you keep all your memories
The tide plays hide and seek with your dreams
And little remains of those bittersweet pains
That come from what might have been

Now you move in a place where your fears have no face,
And your memories conceal all your wounds
And there's nothing to fear save the tracks of your tears
And the shadows that lurk in the gloom

And your thoughts they come stealing like bandits,
But there's really no need for alarm
They ride in on the wind, with a wave and a grin
And they'll never do you any harm

The wind races over the mountains
The sky rushes over the sea
But I'll always be there to carry your care
As I know you'll be there for me

Americana Music, Rick Ford, Songwriter, Smoke and Mirrors, Americana style, Staffordshire, UK.
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