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You'll never leave me
Rick Ford

Walkin' down that big old highway
Got no place to lay my head
But I've got rainbows for my doorway
'And I've got green grass for my bed

I've got the stars up in the heavens
They remind me of your eyes
And when the north wind blows down the valley
It feels as cold as your lies

I see your hair, in the waving cornfield
Your lips as soft as thistledown
But your cold heart was as hard
As the snow packed frozen ground

So you see you'll never leave me
Though you said our love had died
And as I walk these hills and valleys
You'll always be here by my side
When I came home and found her with him
I cursed her for a faithless wife
It was the whisky Sir, that did the killing
It wasn't me that took their lives

The sheets turned red, as they lay dying
I kissed her once and said goodbye
She looked at me, like I's a stranger
I didn't even feel like crying

I see your smile in the sunshine
I feel your tears in the rain
I smell your perfume in the wildflowers
Now you'll never leave me again

So you see you'll never leave me
Though they've locked me up inside
Cos my mind wanders these hills and valleys
So you'll always be here by my side

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